Frequently Asked Questions

PVC strip curtains are a quick, simple and affordable way to create efficient thermal, weather and pest control barriers across most door openings where free and easy movement of people and goods are required.

Curtains should, wherever possible, by hung inside buildings as this helps protect them from the worst of environmental elements which can hasten the PVC’s deterioration and loss if clarity. The curtain rails need to be fitted to a structural surface across the full opening (i.e to a wall, beam or lintel) as they are not self-supporting. If no such surface is available, one should be fitted beforehand. If the curtain is fitting behind a side-hinged door, the door must open away from the curtain so as not to foul or damage it.

If you are fitting behind a warehouse or loading bay door that has a roller shutter or similar, you may need to fit a steel beam across the opening behind/below the door mechanism. These can normally be supported on cantilever brackets fixed to the door pillars either side. If you’d like our advise on your particular circumstance, please email us photos of your doorway (as seen from inside) clearly showing the full opening and any supporting girders and or/or brick pillars either side so that we can assess what surfaces are available for beams / brackets to fit to.

We need to know the width of the opening and the height of the opening (or the height at which the curtain rail is to be fitted, if this is different.) Unless told otherwise, we will assume that the curtain rail will be internally fitted on the vertical face directly above the opening. This allows the curtain to be slightly wider than the opening to help prevent draughts, etc from creeping around the edges. If you want the curtain to fit within the opening recess and /or to the underside of the door lintel, please let us know so that we can quote appropriately.

When asked this question, we always say ‘we wouldn’t drive our own cars through them’. That’s because any surface dirt on either the PVC strips or the vehicle could be pulled along the surface paintwork of the vehicle, potentially causing scratches.

Yes we have a sliding track set up that allows for all or part of a curtain to slide aside for temporary clear access – or to improve ventilation. However, please note… the curtains do not concertina, fold up like fabric or bend around corners. They move in a straight sideways direction like a sliding door. As a result, there must be clear linear space for them to move across into. (e.g…. a 2m wide curtain will need a 2m space beside it to move across into.) Part sliding options or ones using double sliding track are available if lateral space is an issue.

This will depend on where the curtain is hanging and how heavy-duty you need it to be. We offer four hanging rail systems for doors: Swivel hinge rails (for heavy duty / industrial areas used by forklifts, etc). Bolt-on twin track (for medium duty use in hard working areas with frequent heavy use). Easy-fit hook-on rails (for light to medium use in all personal / pallet truck environments). And child-safe quickmount rails (for light duty areas where health and safety is paramount). See individual product brochures for more details on each system.